CFBACC visits Mayor Buddy Dyer at the City Hall.

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Today was  a good day in our history as a part of the City of Orlando. As we all know in the last few years  Brazilians have really become fans of visiting Orlando, and that also turned out to be a trigger for the Brazilian residents in Orlando to be more interested in what Orlando is all about. Continue reading

Celebrating 15 years of Miami Brazilian Film Festival announces winners and tool launched Digital


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 More than six thousand people visited the Colony Theater, venue  at the closing ceremony that honored the film director Arnaldo Jabor and awarded the  films  Vips  and The True Story of Red Ballerina (A Verdadeira História da Bailarina de Vermelho) Continue reading

Banda Bra @ Blue Martini !

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Hellooooooo! It was the highlight of our week! refreshing, bold, beautiful, great and the best part makes you dance.

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Give Thatiana life !

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The Brazilian Community in Orlando one more time join forces to help someone in need. Continue reading

Dominican Republic Cultural Week in Orlando .

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Today was the opening for this great art and Culture event at the Orlando Library. This exposition was created by The Casa Dominicana de Cultura, and was sponsored by the Orlando Library, Ana G.Mendez University System,Dominican Republic Culture Ministry, El Sol de La Florida, Codap, and Bo Mana. The City Commissioner Tony Ortiz was present at the opening giving his support. Continue reading

Mayor Dyer Hosts End of Book Party for the ORLANDO CARES at Orlando Library.

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ORLANDO CARES is the City’s high-impact volunteer plan designed to address the issues of youth crime prevention and education through six service initiatives. Mayor Buddy’s Book Club, COMPACT Expansion and The Garden initiatives have already launched and three more programs will launch later this fall including Preschool Ambassadors, School Turnaround Project – Interfaith Volunteer Pilot and Path Finders. Continue reading







Here are the September upcoming events for the CFBACC. Take a look ! Continue reading

5th Hispanic Heritage Month Event presenting Soco Freire as one of the artists.

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The Art and the Latin Culture revisited in the month of September, this time showing the beautiful work of Soco Freire, our Brazilian artist.


Soco Freire was born in Joao Pessoa Paraiba, she told me that even before she learned to write, she already knew how to draw, because her father was a project designer,
and she was always watching her first master at work, and one thing led to another. Soco has been  in the U.S. for 9 years and since she arrived, her determination was to follow her dream and trajectory, confessing that she still  has a long way to go. Continue reading

Mayor Buddy Dyer helping to ensure safety at crossroads on Back to School Day.

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Today Monday the 22nd of August, was the first day back to school for thousands of kids across Florida, and also the very first day for many, but only in Orlando the kids had the Mayor to give a helping hand at the crossroad. Continue reading

HotspotOrlando@ The III Brazilian Business Fair 2011.

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Great day everyone! As much as we would like to show more about this great day,it is almost impossible but we tried  ! As  a part of the Brazilian Community, HotspotOrlando  likes to promote and show all the good things not only in our side of town but also all around Orlando, this way we share everyone’s experiences and beautiful moments . Continue reading

III Brazilian Business Fair Dinner 2011.

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It is finally here, the moment we all waited for!

We are on a journey of emotions since the launching cocktail on July 16, at Cafe Mineiro. For those who have been following this creative process and  the incessant work of Pastor Silas A.  Pinto the Fair CEO, and his team, who by the way  all seem tireless, we must admit the extreme professionalism and guidance the team has. Continue reading

Orlando calling – line up for November 12th & 13Th 2011



NOVEMBER 12-13, 2011 






Peace Film Festival

{Image above submitted by cyclist fan} 

HotspotOrlando @Roxy-Sextacy – Saturday Night

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Great place, great atmosphere, great sound, but best of all, the people! Today, Roxy had the kickoff of SEXTACY,  a monthly event that takes place at the Penthouse. Full house, lots of beautiful people having the best fun to the sounds of house music! It was really an amazing night ! Hosted by DJ NV and brought to you by DANCE-FLOOR ESSENCE productions, performing live:

Hosted by DJ MV, performing : Continue reading

Reservations Open Aug. 16 for Special Events for Epcot International Food & Wine.

Set your alarm for 7 a.m. on Aug. 16, if you have a special event you want to be sure not to miss at this year’s Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Sept. 30-Nov. 13 at Walt Disney World Resort. That’s when reservations open for ticketed culinary and beverage programs during the 16th annual food, wine, beer and cocktail extravaganza. Continue reading