Miss Brazil Mirim – Pageant 2011

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From ages 3 to 14 there was abundant beauty, charm, elegance, and talent. They danced, smiled, threw kisses, danced more . But most of all they had one thing in common, lots of friends and family cheering for them, it was priceless. Continue reading

HotspotOrlando @ Banda Bra celebrating Carla’s B-Day !

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Happiness is a great place to be. Even when you are just listening to good music. Banda Bra has brought us great Sunday nights and we are thankful for that. Great music ! great people, friends and fun! Continue reading

First Baptist Orlando – Brazilian Ministry- A bright new day.

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Today, one more day, a new beginning and the certainty to be among good friends. Life is full of surprises and the feeling of being on the right place is priceless. The house of the Father is big enough for all of us, and suddenly we see everything with a better perspective. After the rain the rainbow, and a chance, we are all-embracing together. We are not afraid because we are not alone. Continue reading


Edu Ares @ Camila’s Lounge

Camila’s lounge reopens after major renovation, with a major event, Edu Ares on command of his great group of musicians, and  Xandy’s  Special appearance  to highlight the night. Continue reading

Orlando Mayor Dyer’s 2011 State of Downtown Address

Orlando Mayor Dyer’s 2011 State of Downtown Address

“It’s said that when something is loved… it flourishes.  That goes for people… pets… plants… anything.  It certainly goes for a city… and its downtown.  This is the ideology behind the effort we are calling, “Why I Love Orlando.” —Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer


Life is a precious gift, save lives an even greater gift, and the professionals at the Trauma Center – Arnold Palmer Hospital for children, have  the utmost mission, to succeed under the most critical conditions.

How many children have been lost over the years because they could not get the treatment they required, or the transport that was not properly equipped to give them the immediate care? Well, today Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children -Trauma Center has all the means necessary to save a child,  in the case on an emergency. Top of the line equipment and personnel,  20 well-trained professionals in a crew  to each child, upon arrival, no questions asked, because what matters is to save, and care, and every second counts. Is that what you would want for your child?  Today all this structure has been acquired by significant donations from people like you and me, and on October 21st,  Performance Enthusiasts, came forward to reach out for the ones who can make a difference. Joined by The Orlando Premier Collection, Harley Davidson East OrlandoCessna Pilot Center, Flight Training Professionals and  Orlando Predators, they created this incredible event to raise funds and make it possible for Arnold Palmer Hospital Trauma Center to give even more children the care they need.     Continue reading

DRESSES: objects of art-Gallery at Avalon Island-Downtown Orlando

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When we were little girls we dressed our dolls, at least we used to, and explore our imagination. As we grow up, the journey in a woman’s life has a vast collection of defined occasions.
Every occasion planned most of the time with great detail, and the most important one, the dress that will point her as the one,  the most successful, charming, or beautiful, could be thousands of  reasons, or occasions, but only one dress.
As a child we have the dresses we love and we can’t wait to wear them, we walk around the house with our mother’s dresses and shoes hoping to one day look as beautiful as they are . In the storybooks  the characters have this beautiful and magical clothes, that only in dream could be possible. Continue reading

The 27th Annual Summit Awards- Central Florida Women’s Resource Center.

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The Central Florida Women’s Resource Center, has the mission of support our community, and when you give support to your community , many times you put a lot more than just effort. I saw five women today that dedicated their lives, to not only family and work, but their main drive was to change something, and make their life worth living.  Continue reading

A tribute to Downtown Orlando

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Orlando the “City Beautiful as I love to hear, is our town. We are originally from Brazil, and have been in the US for 25 years, all of them in Florida, but not all in Central Florida, for  many of these years we were just visitors here, just wondering how it would be to be a part of this magical City. Continue reading


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We all have seen the ads on TV, the green campaigns for the environment and all the new projects for clean air, cars that are so futuristic that we will never need to get gas ever again! Well this time is for real and Walgreen’s is the pioneer hand to lead us in the future, when they opened the first  of at least 20 electric vehicle charging stations, and 800 by the end of the year. The visionary creation of Chevrolet and Nissan presented their 100% full electric cars, VOLT & LEAF, starting a new era in the auto industry.

Continue reading

Orlando Mayor Dyer Commemorates President Barack Obama Parkway Opening

Mayor Dyer and Orlando City Commissioners will officially open Phase 1 of the President Barack Obama Parkway extension project at a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, October 11, 2011.  The first phase of construction to extend the Parkway began in June 2010 and was recently completed ahead of schedule. Continue reading

Banda BRa sings Lulu Santos !

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Uma noite sensacional com muita alegria, comemoração e amigos juntos curtindo uma noite muito agradável. Banda BRa realmente agrada a gregos e troianos com muita animação e muito ritmo . 

Assista ao video 
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WOW ! It was great ! Last Day it is official Downtown Fashion Week has only one way to go, up to the top. Three days of fashion, beautiful people and great networking.  Continue reading


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Today, day 2 of the event  at PULSE, Downtown Orlando  a variety of designs were displayed in one hour of clothing, accessories, make up and hair, a great combination, of creativity, color and fashion in one place. Check it out ! Continue reading


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Today was the first day, the launching event for the Downtown Orlando Fashion week. The vibe was amazing, it was at Dechoe’s Resale, a very popular place in Downtown Orlando. Continue reading