Talento Brasil 2011-2012 Final phase

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Saturday night, emotions running high. All talents are ready and rehearsed, for the final moment that could mean anything to them. Winning a Talent Show like this could mean opening a huge door to a world of opportunities. Continue reading

Fantasy of Flight Opens Thrilling New “Wing WalkAir” – Four-Story, 600-Foot Zip Line and Ropes Course with 33 Challenges

Fantasy of Flight Opens Thrilling New “Wing WalkAir” –Four-Story, 600-Foot Zip Line and Ropes Course with 33 Challenges. Aviation Attraction Introduces Yet Another Way for Guests to Enjoy the Thrill of “Flight” with Scenic Zip Line and Multi-Level Midair Ropes Course

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Continue reading

Talento Brasil 2012- Mirim

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Saturday 3 in the afternoon and since the morning they were all there, rehearsing, training, fighting for every inch of space. Continue reading

Talento Brasil 2012- Fashion Forever by Danielle Buljan

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In its fourth Edition Talento Brasil has proven its success not only  with the Brazilian Community but also growing among the Hispanic. Continue reading

A Carnaval show sponsored by the City of Doral-Florida

You can’t miss this ! A 70 minute show with the best of Samba, Carnaval, and different dance styles,such as,  Capoeira, Axe, Forro, Lambada, Batucada, Mulatas, Boleadores gauchos, and also some of the most beautiful carnaval De luxe competition costumes. Continue reading



We created HotspotOrlando less than a year ago, as much as I hate to fall in a common place, it has been an incredible combination of events. I have never been a fan, like a major follower of something or someone, I am actually a pretty calm individual when I face celebrities because I just hate the whole craziness that involves being a passionate fan. Continue reading

Orlando Fire Department to Honor Passing of First Arson Dog

Maxine, known as Max, passed away after a battle with cancer. Max served with the Orlando Fire Department for more than 11 years, retiring last year at nearly 13 years of age. Max was considered one of the best arson dogs in the country, Continue reading

Rio de Janeiro and Salvador receive NBA Ambassador and legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Rio de Janeiro and Salvador  receive NBA Ambassador and legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
One of the biggest names in world basketball, and was appointed cultural ambassador by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Continue reading

Pegasus Transportation instrumental in bringing cash-flush Brazilians to Florida.

President Barack Obama announces steps to facilitate and increase international travel to the United States Continue reading

AboutUS by HotspotOrlando- Link to the magazine

Read our Magazine! You will find inside, NBA, All Star Games, Evanescence, Valentine’s day and much more ! Just click on the cover bellow! Continue reading

Evanescence in Orlando a show to remember.

Our journey started at 3:30 when we arrived at House of Blues, despite the bad weather and that the show was scheduled to start at 8 PM with the opening bands, fans were already getting on line to wait for the gates to open. We had our 2 contestant winners with us and 101.1WJRR -The Rock Station, was there with lots of contestants that won a chance to be face to face with Evanescence Continue reading


CBR – World Cup Bull Riders – brings the international final to Orlando

Orlando is becoming more targeted to the international calendar of events! Continue reading

Paulo Gualano Strikes in NY

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Samba, Beautiful dancers and the perfect recipe for real Brazilian entertainment. Continue reading



Interview with Amy Lee by Phone January 9,2012 Continue reading


Guitars are the most powerful symbols of  music, not only in the USA but in the world. The revolutionary sound of the guitar started back many centuries ago and traveled its way into modern days, turning electric, and now digital, this amazing vessel has a historical  development registered by this exhibit that visited the Orlando Science Center. Continue reading