A Sobol-Perry Fashion Productions, Inc. Event

Lights, Camera, Fashion! Miami Beach International Fashion Week

Miami Beach International Fashion Week has officially ended this past Saturday March 24th, with the electrifying Miami Moda & Music Awards.

Hosted by celebrity radio and television personalities Orlando Leon and Ileana Garcia, the evening’sfestivities featured music from Supermodel Dasha Protsenko and Spain’s hottest vocal group D’Nash as well as a fashion show from celebrity designer Nicolas Felizola and a special presentation by Ema Savahl Couture.

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In the today’s fast paced corporate world, a woman’s fashion sense can be the first thing to get lost in the shuffle of emails, appointments,  paperwork  and responsibilities.  We invite you to find your inner beauty in  “Finding the Fashionista in the Corporate U” Fashion Show event being held at the Citrus Club on Wednesday, April 25th from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.   Event activities include a cocktail reception, fashion show, and live entertainment.   Our aim is to allow women of all shapes, ages, races, backgrounds, and status to find a personal sense of cosmetics, scents, and fashion to suit them best. Continue reading

Hamburg Sud celebrating at Doral Park Country Club with Samba e lots of Brazilian Rythm

Hamburg Süd one of the key carriers on the North-South trade routes by ocean transportation. For 5 years  they have celebrated their VIP clients with a special event . This year they chose for the fifth consecutive time  Paulo Gualano creator of Unidos da Florida, plus a huge group of entertainers that performed Capoeira, Flamenco, Lambada, Batucada e Mulatas.provided by Mr. Gualano gave the party their special touch to this great celebration at the Doral Park Country Club. Continue reading

The Orlando Arena (Orena) is gone !

If you have lived in Orlando for a while, you probably have at least one memory of the Old Arena. This place has brought us many good concerts and games and countless shows and now it is gone.

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Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando Business Connection hosted by New York Life

By specific definition, “networking is the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business”, a few years ago such thing was another word that people just wondered about. Today networking is the first possibility people look for, when gathering with others. There is always an angle, an opportunity of landing that contract, or the chance to meet the right person to get your company to the next level. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando has for many years given that opportunity to many businesses, small and large, to connect and grow.

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Encontro Mundial do Ensino de Portugues