Thousands of earthquake-hit Chile

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Thousands of earthquake-hit Chileans return home as country calls off tsunami alert after 8.2 tremor leaves six dead and forces evacuations along the entire coast

  • Quake struck at 8.46pm (00.46BST) on Tuesday in the Pacific Ocean
  • Chilean officials say five people killed and many others seriously injured
  • Coastal areas evacuated by authorities immediately after tremor struck
  • 300 women inmates escape jail in city of Iquique near quake’s epicentre

Thousands of people who evacuated Chile’s low-lying coastal areas returned home this morning after authorities called off a tsunami alarm as damage from a massive overnight earthquake seemed mostly limited.

The earthquake, with a magnitude of 8.2, struck off the coast of northern Chile near the copper exporting port of Iquique on Tuesday evening, killing six and triggering a tsunami that pounded the shore with 7ft waves.

Mines in Chile, the world’s No 1 copper producer, mostly said they were functioning normally, and oil refineries…

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Men’s Rights Movement – What Women Don’t Get!


It is not really a Man’s World!

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I have seen a number of articles touching on the “Men’s Rights Movement” and grumblings about how men have so many rights. Let’s take a look at some of these examples shall we?

“Religion is sexist. Men get to be Pope.” – I love this one. Yes, all men get to be pope. In fact I wear my pope hat at home sometimes, just for fun. I also preach from my doorstep to all mailmen that dare come near my synagogue. You can call me Pope Jason the First. Thanks!

“Men don’t have to suffer the indulgence of having cat calls all day.” – First off… I really would love to see a 24 hour video of the “women” claiming they get cat calls “all day.” Seriously… you better be a 10. Secondly, most guys would LOVE if women offered such animalistic shows of support. It just means you are…

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