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U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), a member of the Senate Subcommittee on Science and Space, today met with Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Director Bob Cabana to discuss the center’s current activities and recently released 20 year master plan. Rubio stressed the importance of expanding space exploration opportunities in Florida.

Following the meeting, Rubio issued the following statement:

“Since our space program began, Florida has been America’s spaceport, and we must continue playing a central role in 21st century space exploration. Of course, space exploration in this century must look significantly different than it did in the last one, with innovators in the commercial space industry carrying more of the load.

“I appreciated Director Cabana’s time today to discuss the center’s future. It’s important that NASA and the commercial space industry coexist in a way that benefits our nation’s space and science goals, as well as Florida’s long-standing role as a hub of space-related job creation.

“The main concern I raised with Director Cabana is how we can get commercial space companies to launch from Florida so they can utilize the infrastructure and workforce that make Florida a unique, and ideal, place to conduct launches. My hope is that NASA’s management plans for Kennedy do not put Florida at a competitive disadvantage, or deter or hamper commercial space entities from making full use of the facility and other potential launch sites in Florida. He assured me that would not be the case, but this is something I’ll continue exploring in consultations with the different stakeholders.

“The competition for commercial space industry activity is furious among states like Florida, Texas and Georgia. Florida has many decades of proven experience as a space launch hub, but we must keep working aggressively to keep it that way.”


Mayor Teresa Jacobs Gives 2014 State of the County Address


14173979768_cac6d6d17e_bMayor Teresa Jacobs Gives 2014 State of the County Address

Mayor Teresa Jacobs delivered her 2014 State of the County Address at the historic Ballroom at Church  Street on June 6, 2014. During her 30-minute speech, themed The Year of Transformation, Mayor Jacobs took citizens on a journey highlighting the outstanding achievements of the region and the many milestones the community has accomplished together making Orange County the best place in the world to live, learn, work, and raise a family. Continue reading

Coletiva de imprensa reúne Susana Vieira, Zeca Pagodinho e Sam Alves em Fort Lauderdale


Coletiva de imprensa reúne Susana Vieira, Zeca Pagodinho e  Sam Alves em Fort Lauderdale

Na tarde desta sexta-feira, dia 2, o canal internacional da Globo reuniu jornalistas e fotógrafos da imprensa brasileira que vive nos Estados Unidos para a coletiva de imprensa do Brazilian International Press Awards.  O encontro aconteceu no Broward Center, em Fort Lauderdale, e foi mediado pela apresentadora do ‘Planeta Brasil’ Natalia Bruscky  juntamente com o radialista Gene de Souza. Continue reading


LIDE is an organization of private character, which brings together entrepreneurs in twelve countries and four continents.

The LIDE Organization fights to strengthen the free  economic enterprise and social development, as well as the defense of the ethical principles of corporate governance in the public and private sector. Continue reading

Gilson Rodrigues Gives Inspirational Speech to Brazilian Entrepreneurs from Ceara-Brazil.

_DSC8032Today Gilson Rodrigues, owner at  Vittorio’s Restaurant and Gilson’s Restaurant his newest venue, as we have recommended here before, hosted a large group of Brazilian Entrepreneurs from Ceara’-Brazil. They have  travelled from Brazil to the USA to learn more about businesses and visited other companies to learn more, and today they had the opportunity to listen to Gilson’s Story and valuable lessons.

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