Set weather aside, everybody disregarded the rain to enjoy themselves at the CFBACC Happy hour at Cafe Mineiro. Not only a great opportunity to network but also a few hours of good conversation and relaxation after a day at the office. 

Hosted by The President Joao Marcos Pires, and his board of Directors, it was another successful event, making you crave for the next one.

On a personal note, after the meeting was over I went to Cafe MIneiro for dinner, it was my first time, and I would like to congratulate them, not only for the incredible food, but also for the spotless place, great service by Marcelo, and beautiful atmosphere, I was very impressed by the Hospitality.

Now let’s check the photos. Enjoy!  Thank you!

Text and Photos by Laiz Rodrigues, HotSpotOrlando.


Marcelo Barroso, Rafael Noel, 1001Transport, SergioPires Nascimento Turismo e Mr Schmuts.









Joao Marcos Pires CFBACC, Attorney at Law Fatima, Nelson Freitas TAM Airlines

Ronald, Paulo Nossa Gente Newspaper, e Cafe Mineiro GM

Wal Rosa and guests

Marcelo e Marcio