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Life has ways to take you places and meet people. I was told by my friend Amy Litter, about the event ZUMBA FOR RIO, that will take place this Sunday at RythmX, to help the Victims from the recent disaster in the Mountains of Rio , my curiosity kind of spiked a little, and I thought about knowing a little more .

In contact with the only Brazilian instructor in the Studio Lucia S. Senra, she told me all about herself, how her appreciation for life, and living beings, guided her throughout her life, only taking a break to motherhood and later finding Zumba, and Rythm X.  Being a Dr. in Veterinary, graduated in Brasil, came to the USA and worked on Animal Hospitals, until she decided to dedicated herself  to help people with their dietary needs, and as a personal trainee, and now as a instructor of kick

butt boottie or Camp BKB, like many call it.

During our conversation she mentioned that the studio RythmX  was created by Vanessa Valentim and her partner Carlos Guinan.

Vanessa Valentin was born in Puerto Rico, in Jayuya, and moved to NY at age 13 with her Family, from a not so successful relationship she had her son Izak, during the pregnancy, she gained 60  lbs that became her drive to lose and get fit. Determined to succeed made the dance the instrument to change her life. She decided to concentrate in positive things, change her diet, and little by little and a lot of determination,  later in 2006 she opened RythmX, with a customized studio to attend all the needs of perfect class.

My oh My, I saw all three classes, the first one was Lucia’s class, and it was motivating but tough, she did it all with a smile, like it was nothing!

When Vanessa’s Zumba class started, wow! I saw life take over with an energy that I was amazed. She is unstoppable, energetic, a zumba warrior! because that is her weapon, how she battled her weight and her depression, and now it is time to show people how  they can do it too.

I urge everyone to come to this event on Sunday at 10:30 AM at RythmX, help the needed, and who knows you will find there what I did, lots of positive energy, and the will to become a better you!

Jhon Gonzalez is the Latin hip hop instructor, and he is hard-core, really hard moves, and  of course lots of energy, and high attention to the students, watching their every move.

RythmX also has free classes on Sundays at 10:30AM for the people who want to try to check it out.

Rythm X is located at 4081 L.B.MacLeob Rd. suite A, ph # 407-2855186.

Here are the before and after pictures

Vanessa after.


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