Skating Xtreme

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In recent visit to Festival Bay  Mall on I-Drive, I went to watch the kids skating.

I was amazed by the talent, determination and strength these kids have.

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In her program she quoted Jean Paul Sartre “I am immanence without transcendence. I am a pure stream of consciousness without any contents. I am an absolute transparency without opacity. I am no more than the temporal unity of my life wich means-a pure self-contained flow that no alien element can interrupt or contaminate”

I was impressed, not only with her work, but with the lightness of  everything. The place chosen couldn’t be more perfect.

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ART EXPO BRAZIL AND MEXICO. Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez.

More than 40 exhibits in oil, canvas and acrylic, from the artists Soco Freire (Brasil) and Ulisses Mora (Mexico).

Press Release Art Gallery 2011

Comunicado Galería Arte 2011

Expo will be on March 31st. 2011, 6:00 PM at Metro Orlando Campus. 5601 South Semoran Blvd. Orlando Florida.

Please RSVP to 407-207-3363 ext. 1809

Valencia Community College 4th Brazilian Film Festival. March 31, 2011 – April 8, 2011

Valencia Community College 4th Brazilian Film Festival. March 31, 2011 – April 8, 2011.


In the first day of Spring, we decided to visit the Arts Festival in Winter Park. But when we arrived it was already over.

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In reality it didn’t matter because what we saw was more beautiful than any art.

Winter Park flowers are blooming and beautiful, showing a Spring and a scenery that makes us think of the people who can’t have this luxury right now.

The City is amazing, I call it a little treasure, because it always makes me feel like I just found it, and makes me feel rich.

Here is what we found.


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Today Vittorio’s restaurant owner Gilson, opened his doors to help  Japan‘s Tsunami victims .

The big surprise came  during the event  when we learned that Ygrin was the responsible for such great and beautiful work.

Thanks to this effort, Vittorio’s restaurant today is the only restaurant in Orlando Florida allowed to receive  money donations representing the American Red Cross,

and helping Japan.

Helping the one’s in need through their website .

All major Companies in the USA are invited to join this network of good.

Ygrin represents a lot more than just charity, they support today all the efforts made to create alternative fuel,  BIO_DIESEL, in Brazil and USA.

Their work was initiated by Professor Donato Aranda, a Chemical Engineer with a Doctorate degree from UFRJ Federal University Rio de Janeiro).

Thanks to his work and  the recycling of yellow grease made it possible to create BIO_DIESEL, a project that today can free many Countries from the Middle East, crude oil Monopoly.

YGRIN means, Yellow Grease Renewable Initiative, it allows  kitchen  grease collected from Restaurants to be recycled and be used as BIO-Diesel.

All the tests and studies have been done in the last year and the BIO-Diesel produce meet all standards  and American Specifications.

This program if put to work will allow the United States to produce 6 Billion gallons of Bio-Diesel per year !

The web campaign was created by Johnny Hughes Senior Project Manager and CEO of Designzillas,


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We can start talking about the Venue, Vanity Ultra Lounge,  is beautiful and large, accommodates a lot of people ! The event attracted Brazilians ,

Americans, and Latin people, with a lot of security, and organization, everyone there had fun , DJ Madrid, DJ Express, DJ Speedy JR for sure know

what to play and made the people dance! The event alone had a very special M.C., Ana Carolina da Fonseca, that with her beauty and charm gave

the event an extra touch.

The Capoeira Group by Brazilian Pelourinho with Master Lazaro and his students gave a great demonstration of their skills

Shailin Adorno , Miss Mundo  Latina   teen 2010, Ana Mickely Matos-  Miss Brasil Mirim 2010, no desfile da Ana Bikinis, and also Fernanda Oliveira and Amanda Ramirez, Ashley Wade, samba dancers and models.

The Group Pura Amizade, was amazing in his choice of music, and everybody was singing along.

All this was created by promoter Patricia Guerreiro, and her partnet Ada Martins that made sure the entire production was perfect.

For  sure a great event! Check the pictures!