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It is not everyday we meet interesting, brilliant  people, and I feel that if I do, I want to show the world. In this case, everyone that will get this article, feels how happy and honored  I am, that I did meet Edna Andrade.

She was born in Brasil, Minas Gerais, studied hard, and went to Italy for four years, had an internship at Fendi, learned all she could, but, she missed her family and her Country, and decided to go back to Brasil .

She stayed for a little time, but she realized that to  reach for her dreams, she had to go back to Europe and finish what she had started. But, not so fast ! just before she did, on her itinerary , she included a little break to stop in the United States, and visit a dear cousin in Florida.

When she arrived, she  liked it so much, that her brief visit turned into a longer stay, and made her miss the flight back. She fell in love with the weather, the people, everything. In my way to see it she found her destiny in Florida.

She ended up staying,  studied and worked  hard enough to be able  to support her dream, and opened Blueberry Boutique in Deerfield Beach a few years later.

The store is meticulously made, every single detail, with good taste, and beautiful. You can feel the hand of a true designer. The store not only sells high end, quality clothing, but also some of Edna’s creations. Blueberry has built a solid reputation not only among the Brazilian Community in South and Central Florida, but also with all the locals from Deerfield Beach.

Create fashion and beautiful designs is her true call, so true that she has produced and participated in several fashion shows in Florida, throughout the years.

As a designer one of her most recent events, was the fashion show presented at Daniel Buljan’s Birthday Party at Nikki Beach, in Miami Beach. Edna created and executed herself all the models costumes and created the entire show, engineering every single part of it. She worked day and night in her store, just to make sure everything was perfectly executed.

As we talked during the interview, we  revisited all the beautiful costumes and designs used on the Fashion Show, and they are stunning,  work of a true artist, that I hope to see create an entire line very soon, with lots of success.

From now on, anytime you see the sign Blueberry Boutique, on Facebook , a newspaper or on a magazine, remember the person behind it all, the beautiful Edna Andrade, the girl that left Brasil, and believed on her dream. She is the living proof that dreams can come true, if you work hard to reach them.




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