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We can start talking about the Venue, Vanity Ultra Lounge,  is beautiful and large, accommodates a lot of people ! The event attracted Brazilians ,

Americans, and Latin people, with a lot of security, and organization, everyone there had fun , DJ Madrid, DJ Express, DJ Speedy JR for sure know

what to play and made the people dance! The event alone had a very special M.C., Ana Carolina da Fonseca, that with her beauty and charm gave

the event an extra touch.

The Capoeira Group by Brazilian Pelourinho with Master Lazaro and his students gave a great demonstration of their skills

Shailin Adorno , Miss Mundo  Latina   teen 2010, Ana Mickely Matos-  Miss Brasil Mirim 2010, no desfile da Ana Bikinis, and also Fernanda Oliveira and Amanda Ramirez, Ashley Wade, samba dancers and models.

The Group Pura Amizade, was amazing in his choice of music, and everybody was singing along.

All this was created by promoter Patricia Guerreiro, and her partnet Ada Martins that made sure the entire production was perfect.

For  sure a great event! Check the pictures!

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