Julio Camargo & Denise Escobar tie the knot !

It was a beautiful day ! blue skies, not so hot a perfect wedding day!

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18th Hispanic Business Consumer Expo Orlando 2011 Second day.


Many people visited the Fair today, we were very happy to receive our friends from Globo International, Jo & Yara Cavaignac, Eraldo Manes BB10, Paulo Correa BB10, Meow Cintia e Fabricio Acai’ Guarana,and many more !

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Hispanic Business & Consumer Expo 2011-Orlando-Florida.

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Hello! Yes! We were there not only looking around but also as participants on stand #138. The Brazilian Community is present with The Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce, IdeaBrazil Advertising, Facebrasil Magazine, HotspotOrlando  Jornal Nossa Gente, and Acai Guarana’.

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Who: Snap! is a project of The Lucie Foundation, a national 501(c) 3 charitable foundation with the
mission to celebrate master photographers, discover and cultivate emerging photographers and
promote the appreciation of photography worldwide. www.luciefoundation.com

Snap is founded by:
Patrick Kahn / Producer of Snap! and publisher of The Book LA

What: Snap! Orlando is 5‐day photography celebration showcasing the work of renowned
international, national and local photographers, as well as images from emerging
talents. The event includes: over a dozen multi‐venue exhibits, artist appearances,
workshops, lectures, parties, live art projections, performance art, portfolio reviews,
youth programs, and more. The theme for Snap! 2011 is “Perception & Reality”

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Earth Day at Lake Eola !

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We were at Lake Eola for the Earth Day Celebration. After walking for a few minutes, to check around the stands, I thought I had traveled in time and was back in the  Hippie era .The music, the smell in the air of different things, the beautiful bucolic park and the swans, the people dressed so careless, it felt light, different, but  no, I was here, it is 2011, and times have changed, but the difference is, the hippies asked for Peace & Love,and today asking for that is a waste of time, half of the world is fighting some stupid war. Now we need to learn that Nature is really calling and if we don’t turn green, we will turn dead, as simple as that.

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Your neighborhood is a precious gift.

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If you travel a lot, move a lot or relocate constantly, you know how important it is to count on the neighbourhood you live in.

Orlando is a great place to live, people like to converse, and it is a city with Magic, not only because of Disneyworld, or the Orlando Magic, but it is a big city with the feeling of a small town.

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CFBACC Happy Hour at Vittorio’s Restaurant.

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Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce and his Directory commanded by Joao Marcos Pires is for sure keeping their commitment on connect business people in the area. More and more we see new faces, and bigger Companies joining the Chamber,promoting Orlando and the Brazilian Business Community. You can check the website at www.cfbacc.com

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Friends for life.

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We meet people in life and we never know where that will take us. Life has given me wonderful gifts, and one of them is to recognize a good moment and someone’s true feelings.

I went to Santo’s restaurant today, the owner Chef Santos, is an old friend and so is Paulo Correa a true Journalist, with a great mind and heart.

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Lagartixa, The Fifth and most successful Pegasus Happy-Hour . The order is to Network!

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To all business people out there, if you ever doubted the power of networking, don’t. I have been following Pegasus Happy hour meetings since the beginning, and little by little, they are getting bigger and better.

Just think, after a long day at the office, you can take a few minutes to relax, mingle, make some new contacts, and you end up getting a new powerful client, a future reference, and even a friend.Can’t argue with that, it is very simple, you give a little, and get a little.

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