Vittorio’s Restaurant in Orlando, ends the Campaign for Japan through Ygrin

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We recently covered Vittorio’s Restaurant initiative to help Japan Victims. Well needless to say, it was a huge success, proving that we can help, and that  Ygrin is not only about fuel but also Community involvement.  We proudly show you the press release and the pictures for the final moments of this beautiful Campaign .

Gilson and the Red Cross, united in one objective through Ygrin. Great Job !

Vittorio’s and YGRIN Team Up to Raise $8,000 for Japanese Disaster Relief Efforts Orlando,Fla.(April12,2011)Vittorio’s Brazilian Restaurant is the first business to join YGRIN’s(Yellow Grease Renewable Initiative)community initiative,and organize a fund raiser for the Japanese victims of the catastrophic March 11 earthquake and tsunami.Both teams joined forces to create a unique fundraising opportunity to support the millions of Japanese citizens who were in the pathway of MotherNature’s fury.Despite the tragic turn of events,the will of the people prevailed and enamored the hearts of Internationalnations.In response,Vittorio’s along with YGRIN members seized the chance to give back.“We took the initiative to jump on the YGRIN bandwagon to support the dire needs of the Japanese citizens and the overwhelming amounts of distress caused,”said Gilson Rodrigues,Vittorio’s owner.“In such a dismal situation,it’simportant for everyone to remember that every little bit counts.Each and every donation,of any size,helps to rebuild the lives of those affected by such devastation.”In true YGRIN fashion,a vibrantly painted oil drum containing $8,000 was presented to the American Red Cross Mid‐Florida Region.The fundraiser included a $ 1 donation for each patron that dined at the establishment,in addition to donations collected in-­‐store from March  20 th through April 1st.“The response from the local community has truly been a inspiring.People were pitching in any way they could,which represents a glimmer of hope amid such grim circumstances,”said Dower Drummond, Ygrin President.“Our heart felt condolences go out to the Japanese nation left sorting through the remnants of the destruction.”“Although the magnitude of the tragedy is indescribable, we feel incredibly fortunate to contribute in some way,and couldn’t have done so without the outpouring of generosity from the Orlando community,”Gilson Rodrigues continued.“On the long road to recovery Japan is currently facing,we wish them as much peace of mind as possible.About YGRINYGRIN strives to develop a network of restaurants,community partners,environmental advocates,and government leaders to implement an eco-­‐conscious approach that systematically collects and reuses the nation’s abundant waste grease,transforming it into renewable energy and other marketable products.The initiative will create jobs,raise money for education,stimulate economic development,and provide charitable needs,while keeping waste grease out o fAmerica’s waste systems.To learn more about this impactful initiative,please visit

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