Lagartixa, The Fifth and most successful Pegasus Happy-Hour . The order is to Network!

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To all business people out there, if you ever doubted the power of networking, don’t. I have been following Pegasus Happy hour meetings since the beginning, and little by little, they are getting bigger and better.

Just think, after a long day at the office, you can take a few minutes to relax, mingle, make some new contacts, and you end up getting a new powerful client, a future reference, and even a friend.Can’t argue with that, it is very simple, you give a little, and get a little.

Pegasus Transportation is a very important Company for the Tourism Industry in Florida, it is a Family based business, that sets for an example. Their employees participate in all the events, they are the face of Pegasus, needless to say anything else. If your employee is putting their effort in participate in a Company event, it means a lot.

Pegasus owners Fernando e Claudia Menezes are always on top of things. Fernando have just won Small Business Man of the Year Award , and Claudia works right along with him, making sure the Company has a Social agenda, creating new alliances. Pegasus Transportation  is for sure making an example , to be followed by others that want to reach the same success.

This time, they chose CRAVE Restaurant at Conroy, to host the event, service, ambiance, and food were great! very well organized.

Check the pictures and feel the energy!

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  1. Marcia Alevato says:

    Lindas, bem verdadeiras, o evento estava assim, super agradável.

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