Friends for life.

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We meet people in life and we never know where that will take us. Life has given me wonderful gifts, and one of them is to recognize a good moment and someone’s true feelings.

I went to Santo’s restaurant today, the owner Chef Santos, is an old friend and so is Paulo Correa a true Journalist, with a great mind and heart.

They are both from Bahia, and a passion for Brazilian northern food is a common trade between them. For me besides the food, and good conversation feel good with people around is the best gift life can give to me, but this is not about me, it is about a Saturday afternoon, spend with good friends, wisdom, and that feeling in the heart  that makes you so sure that no matter what, life is still about what you feel.

Money and power, have nothing to do with all this. Love, friendship and meaning is the reward that you get for doing the right thing.

I can assure you, and whoever reads this, that the food was great, and everyone that will ever walk through those doors at Santos Restaurant will be always happy, but it’s not only because of the food, but because they will always find a friend, I had the luxury of find two, and that is priceless. We took pictures to save the moment, and I share them with you now.

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  1. Muito obrigado queridos amigos do Hot Spot Orlando…vc estão de parabéns por fazer a diferenca em ter as noticias sempre em primeira mão…Axé!

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