Your neighborhood is a precious gift.

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If you travel a lot, move a lot or relocate constantly, you know how important it is to count on the neighbourhood you live in.

Orlando is a great place to live, people like to converse, and it is a city with Magic, not only because of Disneyworld, or the Orlando Magic, but it is a big city with the feeling of a small town.

Downtown Orlando, is amazing, quiet neighborhoods, lots of trees, nice small houses, pastry shops, bars and restaurants, everything with the Orlando special touch, a lot of big chain places but many family places too. And one specially for me, that is a family owned business, like many others, but this one is special, not only because, he has been in the area for a long time, but also because everyone that has lived in Orlando, knows or heard of it. The “All American Cafe& Pizza”.

You can pretty much say it is in the heart of everyone that appreciates good food, and great pizza, but most of all , the best breakfast in town, it  has been in that corner of Kaley  and Ferncreek for years, but what I remember the most is that when the Economical crisis came in 2008, he created this pay what you can for breakfast, and every person that walked in for breakfast, just paid what they could pay.

It may not seem much, but for people struggling and fighting to keep their jobs and homes, that was a big help, and touched everyone’s heart.

So I was there, on Friday, me , my husband, and my friend Bob Orcutt, and also the four other Bobs including the owner, and the ones that come in every Friday to talk and share a little, remembering good times, and wonder about the uncertain future. We remember the good old days when we use to prosper, and now we wonder how tomorrow will come.

Times have for sure changed in the old USA, but it is still good every day at the All American. You should check !

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