Downtown Disney Car Masters Weekend.

Cars 2 is coming this Summer and promises to be as good if not, better than the first one. This past weekend to warm engines up, Downtown Disney had a great event, “Car Masters Weekend”, where the new stars

The Boom of Brazilian Tourists in Orlando.

Cláudia Menezes and husband Fernando C. Pereira,  Pegasus’ owners, new partners at The Florida Mall, in Orlando: package to Brazilian Tourists. It is amazing how the number of tourists from Brazil in Orlando has raised in the past two years. Theme Parks, Hotels and Businesses that were already busy in a regular basis, are now watching their…

snap! Final Considerations.

For us at HotspotOrlando and facebrasil Magazine, first time ever at the exposition  was incredible, we followed everything we could not just to show the Brazilian Community, and their children, but also to learn and absorb as much  as we could about the Art.

Snap! opening reception Downtown Orlando.

It was today at the GAI Building, started at 7 PM,  still daylight, but I couldn’t wait to see everything after dark, in a huge space on the 5th floor, perfect site for such a wonderful exhibition.