Snap! opening reception Downtown Orlando.

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It was today at the GAI Building, started at 7 PM,  still daylight, but I couldn’t wait to see everything after dark, in a huge space on the 5th floor, perfect site for such a wonderful exhibition.

The amazing art of photographers that overwhelms with beauty and expression, took over the entire floor, with many different styles, taking us into another dimension.

The space had these huge glass windows, with breathtaking views all around, only the ones that were there early could enjoy it! I was mesmerized by everything.

Snap ! is an exhibition that takes Downtown Orlando hostage every year, the art community, the curious and the many talented locals and emerging artists.

This year’s  talents were, Jerry Uelsmann, Maggie Taylor, Elena Vizerskaya, Brian Smith, Barry Kirsch, and Kathy Eldon.

Produced by Patrick Kanh and Heidi Jaffe, and it is sponsored by The LucieFoundation, among many others.

FUZE  Healthy infuzions  also one of the supporters was also present at the Bar service provided by Barfly, tending for the event’s guests, and food by SUSHI 101.

Enough talk let’s see the pictures !

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