The Boom of Brazilian Tourists in Orlando.

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Cláudia Menezes and husband Fernando C. Pereira,  Pegasus’ owners, new partners at The Florida Mall, in Orlando: package to Brazilian Tourists.

It is amazing how the number of tourists from Brazil in Orlando has raised in the past two years. Theme Parks, Hotels and Businesses that were already busy in a regular basis, are now watching their numbers raise at least 25% since 2009. The average Brazilian tourist last year alone spent approximately US$4,989.00 , per person, and this year they are coming back with more power, and maybe  giving our economy an 7% raise on the spending.

Thanks to the emerging economy in the Country, along with Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS), Brazil has everything going for them.

Next year they are hosting the World Soccer Cup, and later on in 2016 the Olympic Games, construction is booming, and also is the speculation with the entire world turning eyes to the Country that seems like the biggest chance of a return on an investment. On the same token, Brazilians with more buying power, and cash dollar in hand invade America like never before, causing so much commotion that businesses are trying to adapt in

order to increase their sales. Since our seasons oppose to  one another, the kids are almost ready for their Winter break in July, that small detailed has already guaranteed, 20.000 flight tickets sold, and the invasion is about to happen.  Remember the movie line, “if you build, they will come”, well here it is, Pegasus Transportation has just closed a deal with the Florida Mall, giving the mall a very big green light on at least 10.000 more tourists per season . Pegasus, owned by Fernando C. Pereira & Claudia Menezes is one of the best transportation Companies in the Market, leader on its turf, and its owner Fernando Menezes, has just won the  North Florida Small Business Person of the year & Small Business Champions, announced by The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) North Florida District Office this past March.This is not only a great accomplishment as a Business man, but also as a person, Fernando is a pillar in the Community, came to America, worked hard, by the book, is a Family man and has the respect from all his employees.Pegasus counts today with 60 employees, and was chosen among Companies with an average of 500 employees, this is a very significant factor, because not only proves that hard work pays and rewards, but also shows that a man who has a dream and the right attitude about it,can reach for the stars, like Fernando did.

Sean Slack and Sales Associate at Sports Authority.

One other aspect that  brings our hopes about the increased touristic flux in Orlando, is that the economical crises that hit us at the end of 2008, is now leaving us behind, with a promise of better days to come. Orlando by nature is a Touristic City, but is also spreading its wings into the health and medical field, and  it is already showing strong signs of strength on this area also, attracting many professionals on the field.

Orlando is growing stronger, and part of growing is also to prepare to what is to come, so you do not get caught unprepared . Who is also preparing for this season is Sports Authority, a mega store in Orlando by the Florida Mall. Sports Authority has today a Director of International Sales, Sean Slack and he has a long history of involvement with Brazilian Tourists. He started at Just For feet as Director of Sales, ant there he discovered the power of Brazilian Tourists. He even lived in Brazil for awhile, and loves everything about the people and the Country. After Just for Feet closed its doors he came to Sports Authority, and now graces all the Brazilians with his

Portuguese and excellent Customer service. We all hope for a great season , most of all we hope that the Economy will take off and the ghost of unemployment will finally leave town.

Brazilians are marching in coloring the malls and Parks, and we are welcoming them with customized service. Welcome to Orlando!

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