III Brazilian Business Fair- Launching Cocktail@ Cafe Mineiro Orlando

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A Community is what we make of  it, like society has  Family,  Religion and Politics, a Community is also dependent in their believes, fortified by its Church or Churches, the Law and the traditions that each one of us carry through generations, and pass it on to our children, and so on and so forth. Based on this we carry our Community dear to our hearts and we are proud of it. Continue reading “III Brazilian Business Fair- Launching Cocktail@ Cafe Mineiro Orlando”

And Air France landed ! The majestic Boeing 777-300R.

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It was finally today, the day everyone has been waiting to give Orlando City Beautiful the Blue Ribbon on receptive Tourism.

We were all there at the Airport roof top waiting for the arrival, and the historic moment for our City.

Mayor Buddy Dyer present along with the French Consul and her Comity. It was a moment to stay in history, and we are sure,

as long as we live we will remember this day as the day Air France  finally surrender to the  Magic of Florida.

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CFBACC-Happy Hour @ Matteo’s.

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Full house ! everybody on the mood to connect, the best thing about these meetings is the fact that,  the day at the office is over, and you can’t wait to unwind, and that is when the happy hour kicks in.

Today we had the pleasure to see old friends, some that for a while were not coming to the events, and in addition to it, a lot of first timers. The CFBACC happy hour is getting bigger and bigger!

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