III Brazilian Business Fair- Launching Cocktail@ Cafe Mineiro Orlando

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A Community is what we make of  it, like society has  Family,  Religion and Politics, a Community is also dependent in their believes, fortified by its Church or Churches, the Law and the traditions that each one of us carry through generations, and pass it on to our children, and so on and so forth. Based on this we carry our Community dear to our hearts and we are proud of it. Now, when we transfer this sense of society from one Country to another, things are bound to be a lot different because you have to adapt, and in order to do it, sometimes you leave a lot of what you have learned behind and start again, new, fresh, different, but not necessarily better.

In Orlando the Brazilian Community is solid, why? Because it has very strong ties with Religion, and it is interesting to see that because of this strong faith, it also very generous in forgive those who sometimes get a little carried away and forget that here, we are a strong chain. We need everyone and each one of us to hold on tight, to the best that we are, because we are judged on it every day by the ones that were here before us. This is not our Land, but we are borrowing it, and it is important to always remember that. One of the reasons why we say that and we think it is important is the fact that the First Baptist Church has been a tradition in the Brazilian Community, the strong flame that is always lit, hoping to guide the ones that are in need of that light, and holding dear the ones that already found it. Faith , Solidarity, are in abundance among our people and because of this strong tie that bound us no matter what, we shoul always stick together, because we are all we have. Based on this, if an event like the Business Fair  was created and carried on for three consecutive years, it is already a tradition, it is incorporated on our agenda, there is nothing to discuss. It was created from a dream, and marches on, regardless the sacrifices, and the obstacles that were imposed in the past.

Today, I saw the launching of an important event for our Community,let’s make it worth, beautiful, happy, like our people.

I hope the Third Brazilian Business Fair, will be a huge success, because making it the best will make our Community look even better, respected,and more united.

Well, we had the launching cocktail, Pastor Silas, Pastor Wesley, CFBACC President  Joao Marcos Pires, presenting the Fair to all the guests, making it official, and as a guest Professor/ President & Chancellor of the Florida Christian University Anthony Portigliartti, was also present giving his support, and CRBE representative Ronney Oliveira, David Jackson Community Relations Director- US Congress .

Our Community press, Jornal Nossa Gente, Jornal BB10, BrazilUSA Magazine,Facebrasil Magazine, HotSpotOrlando, HotSpotBrasil Turismo, Coneccao Orlando.

From the CFBACC, the President Joao Marcos Pires, and Directors Amy Litter, Ronald Ambar,Volney e Wal Rosa, Paulo de Souza, Marco Alevato.

Our thanks also to Cafe Mineiro, excellent service and food, the renewal looks great !

It was a great event, and all present were very excited about the Fair, and all the good things will bring. There is a lot of work ahead and for sure this Fair already promises to be an even greater success.

We could see it by the amount of people who came to the opening. It was our pleasure to be part of this night. Check the pictures!!!!

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