III Brazilian Trade Fair, a dream and a realization.

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It is amazing how a project could have matured so fast.

The Brazilian Trade Fair started a few years ago and it is now one of the most expected events in our Community. The idea came from Pr. Silas from the  Orlando Baptist Church and thanks to his initiative, has brought many businesses the green light to higher means.

Dreams are a gift , follow them is a determination that not everyone has, some people say we measure a man’s determination by the size of their dream, and here it is. If I had to profile Pr. Silas I would say he is a giant, because his dream goes from spreading Faith daily to help a whole Community find the best path for their personal business. How much more can you ask from a simple man who got where he is for his devotion to God?

Maybe, here is the answer to all of us that many times stop pursuing what is important, to follow small desires. Focus, determination, faith, and all the will to overcome all the obstacles that may happen.

In the recent Cocktail for the  III Brazilian Trade Show launching, I was present and I saw many people, I would say 80% were there because they were proud and believed on the Project. It was refreshing to see such a promise.

In recent letter  Pr Silas presented the Fair in a simple but very straight way, here is what he said.

This is to introduce you to the III Brazilian Business Fair of Florida that will take place on Saturday, August 20, 2011.  Participating companies to date include Macy’s, TAM Airlines, Bank of America, Region’s Bank, Western Union, members of the Central Florida Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, the Metro Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and all Brazilian newspapers and magazines in our area. The trade show is being advertised by TV, radio and printed media.

 The exhibitors will be able to display their products and services, thus providing a unique opportunity to increase sales and expand their network.  There will be drawings of great prizes. Your company is welcome to donate valuable gift certificates to enhance your exposure during the Fair. 

 Each exhibitor will have their names printed on the Fair guide, and will have their logos shown continually on four jumbo screens during the event.  Tax-deductible receipts will be provided, and food will be available during the Fair. The Fair will take place in very nice air-conditioned facility. The booth will be ready for companies to place their ads and display their products.

 The Brazilian Itinerant Consulate will be on site adjacent to the Business Fair to offer all sorts of legal and diplomatic services.

 Mayor Buddy Dyer of Orlando will be this year keynote speaker during the gala dinner, which will be exclusive for the exhibitors. Other important political leaders are also scheduled to visit the Fair.

 If you would like more information, or to register for this great event please contact Rosa Munguba 407-514-4262, or by email at rosamunguba@firstorlando.com, or visitwww.brazilianbusinessfair.com


 Silas A. Pinto

Founder & CEO

I am sure that by now,  no matter what , we all know how serious and large this project is and nothing can or will damage this event, because it is done with competence and Faith above all., for our Community, please ,honor this event, participate, visit, we will be there to register this accomplishment and major event. The Fair has the full support of The CFBACC through the President Joao Marcos and his Directors, the City of Orlando, and the Hispanic Chamber. For the Brazilian Community this should represent an honor and a gift. We will see you there !

Laiz Rodrigues


HotspotBrasil Turismo

Colaboradora do Portal Nossa Gente.

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