Chá de Mulheres …

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I am a true believer that Faith will take you through life and illuminate you . Faith is an act of your soul, that embraces you and your heart and makes you the one .

I went to a tea for women today, and I saw friendship, Faith, women being women on a magical gathering that only God could put together. 

Women are special beings, they carry a wisdom, and also a Peace in the heart… Women are connected because they are, mothers, sisters, friends, but most of all

because they can listen to anybody’s heart and soul, and that is why we are so powerful together.

The Tea for women was a very significant reunion, not only because it was by the women from the Baptist Church Orlando but also because gave us a wonderful moment

of reflection, and divine inspiration. The music and voices were touching and the Harmony too. Fifteen women that worked hard for six months to give us such a great afternoon.

They deserve the success and the title of Most active church Group in Orlando. To the Church, to the Group and to all women present in this wonderful gathering my Thank you,

for having me, and showing me such a great feeling. It was amazing ! Check the pictures!

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  1. Dea says:

    Laiz as fotos ficaram otimas…parabens!!

  2. Any says:


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