Perfumeland Party – End of the season Celebration- The party of the year.

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Parties are always good, a celebration that will be in our memories forever ! But this was different, Brazilians know how to party, and how to make it just perfect. The music, and the beautiful people, everybody happy for one good reason, the season is over and it was great! We were blessed with tons of business, and a great month. Some of us have started in June and have not stopped since then, but now it is time to rest a little and get ready for the next that will be even Better. Perfumeland is a mark, a solid business, that has been in Orlando for a long time. If you are a tourist visiting Orlando, you must go to Perfumeland, Vittorio’s, Innovation,it is all together, if you don’t  it is like going to Rio and not visit Copacabana, this is a group of people who work together to give our Brazilian tourists, the best possible experience.

So today we stopped to party, at Lux, everybody was there sharing the moment, take a look !

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