Vittorio’s Party @ Zen Exotic Lounge.

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Gilson Rodrigue’s owner at Vittorio’s Restaurant, the place  where all the groups go to feel the taste of Brazil, their home away from home, has officially ended his Summer Season with a Big party at Zen Exotic Lounge, and the promoter was Cylon Rosa, also the main man at Senso Superclub,  and owner of Elements of Life Production.

Cylon had his entire crew in place as usual and with him DJ Loco Aragon and DJ X Andy, can you ask for more? No, I don’t think so, the music was great, and the people outside were asking to come in, it was really amazing, contagious music, great food by Vittorio’s of course, and a   wonderful night. Gilson very happy with the huge success and everybody celebrated. Great people, great place. Check it out!

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  1. Cylon Rosa says:

    The event was really a success, it was a great night with great people! Gilson really closed the season with a fantastic private event for his staff and close friends.

    Best Regards
    Cylon Rosa
    CEO -Elements of Life Events

  2. NilsonDizeu says:

    Lais, sempre uma grande cobertura fotografica.Parabens.

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