HotspotOrlando@ The III Brazilian Business Fair 2011.

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Great day everyone! As much as we would like to show more about this great day,it is almost impossible but we tried  ! As  a part of the Brazilian Community, HotspotOrlando  likes to promote and show all the good things not only in our side of town but also all around Orlando, this way we share everyone’s experiences and beautiful moments .

Today was a day not only for the businesses in the Fair but also for the public, the visitors that made this event so important, and all the smiles that make our job so much easier. We are glad we came this far, and each smile on our pictures is another reason for us to continue. Keep smiling, keep coming to the events, bring your enthusiasm, and we will keep showing it to the world. As for the fair and all the success, we will leave it to you to find out through our eyes. Meanwhile, congratulations to  First Baptist Orlando, to Pastor Silas A. Pinto and his great crew, to all the Volunteers, to CFBACC, to all the businesses that believed on this wonderful initiative,to all media present, and to all that came to visit and network.

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