III Brazilian Business Fair Dinner 2011.

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It is finally here, the moment we all waited for!

We are on a journey of emotions since the launching cocktail on July 16, at Cafe Mineiro. For those who have been following this creative process and  the incessant work of Pastor Silas A.  Pinto the Fair CEO, and his team, who by the way  all seem tireless, we must admit the extreme professionalism and guidance the team has.
A cohesive work  that owes nothing to the big companies that should normally take care of events like this,they deserve congratulations. But like any big event, the previous days that are part of the premiere high anxiety, are also those who allow not only the preparation and achievement of all objectives but it is the guarantee to achieve success, and also where I found the solution for the  main part of this equation. The success of the Brazilian Ministry of First Baptist Orlando, is the  result of a strong bond of this part of the Brazilian Community that above all ‘witness and experience a work of faith’ and social participation led by Pastor A.Silas, who has a passionate mission, building with unwavering perseverance,  with his words of faith and wisdom. Today he is not only the strongest religious leader of the community, but also  the most influential. Leading a church or a ministry requires not only faith and biblical knowledge but also a deep knowledge of psychological assessment, and social-political view. These requirements are  mandatory for any enterprise that wants to achieve success. With that said, the only possible conclusion is that a Ministry of such influence in our community, so well represented and in the hands of a man so prepared,leaves  no doubt that just as all the rivers run into the ocean,  the success of the fair  is inevitable. The coronation of an event and its positive outcome are clear from the first day it is announced, and in this particular case, certainly promises a lot more than you can imagine. Tonight all the participants of the fair and honored guests, attended a gala dinner with ‘the presence of Mayor Buddy Dyer, who gave the event the seal of the City of Orlando . Mayor Buddy Dyer was received with a standing ovation by all present at the Dinner and presented us with a powerful speech. Tomorrow the 20th of August, the fair opens its doors at 10 am to 5 pm and we will see it unfold right in front of our eyes ‘! Together with the Brazilian Consulate that will be handling documents and solving problems for the Brazilians that live around Central Florida, this service will be available from to 9 am to 5 pm. The Fair has a partnership with the CFBACC Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce, through the President João Marcos Pires and his  Board of Directors, and a sole initiative of the First Baptist Orlando. Also present at the event Keith Landry FOX Channel , Anchor Channel 13 Christine Webb, and City Commissioner Tony Ortiz.
How magnificent is  the strength of God to allow people with such vision and wisdom  in our lives, and to  show us the way for better paths. All in good time, and this is our time, the time of the Brazilian Community in Orlando, and the Brazilian Ministry of First Baptist Orlando-BRASILEIROS APAIXONADOS  ( Brazilians in Love).

To the crew that organized tonight’s dinner our eternal thank you to all the volunteers , your work was and will always be appreciated, to Nelore Steakhouse, thank you to the great food and service.

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