5th Hispanic Heritage Month Event presenting Soco Freire as one of the artists.

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The Art and the Latin Culture revisited in the month of September, this time showing the beautiful work of Soco Freire, our Brazilian artist.


Soco Freire was born in Joao Pessoa Paraiba, she told me that even before she learned to write, she already knew how to draw, because her father was a project designer,
and she was always watching her first master at work, and one thing led to another. Soco has been  in the U.S. for 9 years and since she arrived, her determination was to follow her dream and trajectory, confessing that she still  has a long way to go.

The first demonstrations of her work have been made through events that she calls ” live paint” where she performed her art during fashion shows.
As you observe her art, you’ll  see that her skills as an artist, have  developed very clearly, one can notice that the artist is comfortable with the inspiration and also with the brush strokes, and they all form a whole, there are no instruments, just the idea of  the artist, in a great intimacy with her inspiration. The brush, the canvas and her all in  one. ”
Her work is influenced by great masters such as Dali, which gives her the ability to study its details and give her the many ideas in how to portrait her work, such as the many different textures, and also different materials applied to her paintings.
When looking at her art, you’ll find modernism,  lots of color, form,showing the energy that also conveys the artist as a person.
The colors are intense and moving, it would be almost like the canvas will pull you  in a journey through the   beautiful colors.
In a recent exhibition last March, with another  artist Ulysses Mora from Mexico, at the Ana G. Mendez University System, with the  support from CFBACC, Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce, which has from the beginning always supported her work, she reached a great success and she was able to show how beautiful and valuable her work really is.
Now she is coming back with another exhibit, this time with the City of Orlando, invited by Mayor Buddy Dyer, to show her work at the 5th Hispanic Heritage Month, that starts on September 15th. Later this year, the artist will be in the Big Apple, to show more of her work. Soco Freire  is a valuable asset of our Community, her work and herself make us proud of who we are, and what we represent, as many other artists like Fatima Lofti Rice, Naza MacFarren, and a few more. Let’s visit the 5th Hispanic Heritage Month, and give the participating artists the support they deserve.

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