Mayor Buddy Dyer helping to ensure safety at crossroads on Back to School Day.

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Today Monday the 22nd of August, was the first day back to school for thousands of kids across Florida, and also the very first day for many, but only in Orlando the kids had the Mayor to give a helping hand at the crossroad.

Early this morning Mayor Dyer was at the crossroad by Blankner Elementary School, making sure the kids were safe and delivering a smile to all that passed and waved or shout, Go Mayor! If someone knows Orlando and gave our town the nick name of City Beautiful,he is the one. Major Buddy Dyer has made for Orlando more than we all imagined possible, from safety to general improvements all around town, and also showing that he cares not only for the city but also for the people that lived in this city.

As the Mayor himself said:
“As we begin another school year, it is important to remember that children will be riding buses and walking or biking to school. Watch out for students on your commute and remember to slow down in school zones.”

Beginning in the 2008-2009 School Year, the Orlando Police Department (OPD) began assuming responsibility for School Crossing Guard positions within the City of Orlando’s limits instead of contracting these services through an outside agency.  To date, OPD serves 28 elementary and eight middle schools within the Orange County Public School System located inside the City of Orlando.

School Crossing Guards must complete a state certification process which requires a six-hour class.  They work on days coinciding with the school calendar for approximately one to two hours in the morning as school begins and an additional one to two hours in the afternoon as school dismisses.

Here is how the morning went through our lenses. Take a look !

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