CFBACC visits Mayor Buddy Dyer at the City Hall.

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Today was  a good day in our history as a part of the City of Orlando. As we all know in the last few years  Brazilians have really become fans of visiting Orlando, and that also turned out to be a trigger for the Brazilian residents in Orlando to be more interested in what Orlando is all about.

I usually say there is more to Orlando than International Drive, and I only wish, everyone would really think about that. The Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Central Florida, has become very active and had a considerable growth in supporting the businesses in the Orlando area. Not only Brazilian businesses but also all the American companies that have join them to be a part of our constant growth and development. The main point is, we need to build a strong relationship with the City, and that is what we are all about, a Community as a whole , helping each other, and today we saw that. Mayor Buddy Dyer, is a major key to this success due not only to the support he has given to our events as the III Brazilian Business Fair, but also for his effort in reaching out to all of us, including a careful aproach to what can the City do, to serve more, and to establish a good relationship with all nationalities that are a part of Orlando. Mayor Buddy opened his doors to the Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce, this afternoon, and on the meeting was discussed how the major growth on tourism from Brazil has collaborated to enhance Orlando’s view outside the USA. Orlando through Mayor Dyer administration has grown and also reached  a position of importance in the State of Florida, and if one man with the right administration can do that, why not celebrate his support. The success of this administration not only helps us but also creates  better opportunities for  Businesses from abroad who wish  to come here, invest,  and use of all the support the city can offer within its various programs. The time is now, not only to network but also take advantage of all this incentives that for sure can only bring more jobs and warm up the economy. Orlando according to Buddy Mayor has many projects being completed in 2012-2013, as Sun Rail, the expansion of LYMMO, a transportation program inspired after a trip he made to Brazil to Parana’, the Center for the Performing Arts, more hospitals, and his great Community program such as ORLANDO CARES, with many different ramifications. It was a great day, a day of strengthening friendship, and alliances, not only to support  Mayor Dyer’s reelection but to make sure Orlando gets the attention only him as Mayor can give. Mayor Buddy’s dedication to Orlando has made a gigantic difference. We can only support him. At the meeting with Mayor B. Dyer were present City Commissioner Tony Ortiz, Kim C. KIng Business Grow & Development Center, Kathleen K Devault/ International Affairs Coordinator, among , Hispanic affairs advisor Alicia Ramirez, President of CFBACC Joao Marcos Pires, Vice President and TAM Airlines sales director Nelson Freitas, Directors Paulo S Souza e Marcio Silva from Nossa Gente Newspaper, Ronald Ambar, Volney Rodrigues, Rosana Almeida, Amy Litter, Marcelo Santana – CFBACC secretary.

Laiz Rodrigues HotspotOrlando Editor and collaborator at Jornal Nossa Gente.

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