Tea Party-New Hope Church Social Assistance


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Lady’s Tea Party , first ground breaking meeting for the New Hope Church  Social Assistance to the Immigrant. This mission main  purpose is to  protect and give orientation to all the battered women and abused children in our community. As the City of Orlando has declared October awareness month for violence against women, Pastor Wesley  also launches his social mission, making a powerful speech and a beautiful prayer in the beginning of the event. 

The effort of this group is remarkable as we begin to realize the  social work, and support needed in a community as ours will require, due to so many aspects that involves not only   legal status, but also unemployment , drug and alcohol abuse, and the preoccupation to teach our children Portuguese, and give all of  them spiritual support and guidance. It is a very tough spot to be in, and certainly needs all the hands they can get. Battered women and abused children  have deep scars very hard to repair, and sometimes serious intervention will be needed as the people get the courage to come forward with their problems.

New Hope for sure is in the right path on the pursue of a healthy community, that for sure needs that type of healing. Inspiration, faith and determination don’t seem to be short, as you will see on the pictures. Brazilians are good people, hard workers, happy, with good spirit, and they have a very powerful flame of Faith in their hearts. It is clear that any battle against problems like this are enduring, need focus, but if anything the women on that church can and will do amazing things. New Hope Church is settling a high standard example for the Community. As creators of the Itinerant Consulate, they now will also be able to tackle social issues and change the history of families through the  New Hope Assistance Center to the Immigrant. This is God’s work.

The event today was beautiful, organized by Sandra Fryer, that  had Attorney Diana Pinto give an excellent speech about violence, and abuse, the food was provided by  New Hope’s lady’s group, and it was amazing !

Che ck the pictures !

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  1. Sandra Freier says:

    Thank you for your support and presentation. We hope that many people can be benefited through our project and we are willing to help any woman who suffers some type of abuse. We will have a meeting on this coming Tuesday, October 4th, at 7pm – 9600 West Colonial Dr. room 210 – Ocoee, Fl – 34761.

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