Banda Bra @ Blue Martini

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In the sense that things are what they are, I catch myself and I bet you do too, doing  things that are pleasant over and over, and of course, going to places that your imagination takes you, as fast as it can. One of great things I lately  like to repeat  often is  going to Banda BRa at Blue Martini.For the last two weeks I couldn’t go so this week I had to go back. At first I thought it was just because we are crazy about Brazilian music, but then I realize it is great music, it has the perfect balance between voice , musicians and repertoire. The interpretation of the songs is so good you just travel in time , where and when that song takes you. It is good to be able to travel by music, and if you did not have the chance to do it yet, hurry up, allow yourself the small pleasures in life, food, wine, spirits and of course Banda BRa. And when you get there, dance like it is your last dance, enjoy, indulge yourself. Feel the power of this great music.

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  1. I have no idea, but feel free to look around. Be my guest. Thank you!

  2. Nara says:

    I love it!!! I was looking for some pics of me!! Do you have it?

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