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We all have seen the ads on TV, the green campaigns for the environment and all the new projects for clean air, cars that are so futuristic that we will never need to get gas ever again! Well this time is for real and Walgreen’s is the pioneer hand to lead us in the future, when they opened the first  of at least 20 electric vehicle charging stations, and 800 by the end of the year. The visionary creation of Chevrolet and Nissan presented their 100% full electric cars, VOLT & LEAF, starting a new era in the auto industry.

Mayor Buddy Dyer made it official for the City Beautiful Orlando and Walgreen’s to be part of this moment and open the pioneer charging station in Central Florida. Walgreen’s will have at least 800 charging stations by the end of the year, making it the nation’s largest retail host for charging stations.

Walgreen’s as you know is the largest chain of drugstores in America, and it is part of the American family 24 hours a day seven days a week, and now will be a part of this revolutionary future, as the number of electrical cars grow in America, as you do your little shopping, and get your medicine you will be able to charge your car, at any time any day, due to the convenience of Walgreen’s 24 hours stores, in your neighborhood or anywhere in the Country.

This ground stone, is one of the most important for our future, not only because it makes people aware of the existence of such cars, and the possibility of embracing this new technology, bringing it into their lives, but also shows the world how daring and successful this administration has proven to be. Mayor Buddy Dyer has excelled  in the many projects for the Community, not only social, but also economic and Technological, transforming the City in an amazing way. The city’s program Green Works Orlando in partnership with OUC and LYNX also supported Orange to Green. This “solar project” was conceived in the summer of 2006, while preparing an application for the Florida Renewable Energy Technologies (RET) Grant Program.  Several Orange County departments, including the Convention Center and the Environmental Protection Division, partnered with the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC), the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC), and others, were awarded a $2.5M state grant for this $8.8M project. Imagine that only a year ago in July 2010, Mayor Buddy Dyer gave the kick off to Charge Point America, declaring Orlando the Largest Market for Hybrid  Car sales, and the most sustainable community in the entire country. And now 15 months later we are at the inauguration of the first charging station at Walgreen’s . This is the future ! Mayor Buddy is a man of vision, with an eye in the future, and he made it possible to the City of Orlando, and it is brought to us at Walgreen’s. As part of this moment the cars presented and available at dealers in Central Florida, Chevrolet VOLT, and Nissan LEAF, that you can see in our pictures . All members of  Wallgreens Administration were present in this inauguration, and it was clearly a moment to celebrate ,Mayor Buddy Dyer  and Cindy Brown Senior Representative for Congressman Daniel Webster- Fl(R).

If you would like to visit  the charging station is located at Walgreens 8050 International Drive ,Orlando  and also visit the Universal Chevrolet and Nissan Orlando dealer  for demonstrations on the new electric cars.

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