DRESSES: objects of art-Gallery at Avalon Island-Downtown Orlando

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When we were little girls we dressed our dolls, at least we used to, and explore our imagination. As we grow up, the journey in a woman’s life has a vast collection of defined occasions.
Every occasion planned most of the time with great detail, and the most important one, the dress that will point her as the one,  the most successful, charming, or beautiful, could be thousands of  reasons, or occasions, but only one dress.
As a child we have the dresses we love and we can’t wait to wear them, we walk around the house with our mother’s dresses and shoes hoping to one day look as beautiful as they are . In the storybooks  the characters have this beautiful and magical clothes, that only in dream could be possible.
As the journey continues women will embrace not only the dresses she dreamed all her life, but the ones that she never imagined to wear, and the most cherished, the wedding dress.
Life is a cycle, a woman’s life cycle is marked by the important moments she will have, and every time she looks in her closet, right in front of her, a timeline of dresses, to remind her of everything.
In this collection presented by many artists at the Gallery of Avalon Island in Downtown Orlando, last september, in each object portrait you could see imagination and magic, art dedicated to the transformation  in a woman’s universe. Beautiful work created from the heart.
The Artists featured in the collection are Donna  Dowless in the photo,Dina Mack, Henry Sinn, Meredith Olinger, Robin Maria Pedrero, J Virgil Rice, Gena Semenov,Cindy A. Anderson, Martha Lent, Lynn Whipple, Fritz Stinebaugh and Lori Mirisola .


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