Life is a precious gift, save lives an even greater gift, and the professionals at the Trauma Center – Arnold Palmer Hospital for children, have  the utmost mission, to succeed under the most critical conditions.

How many children have been lost over the years because they could not get the treatment they required, or the transport that was not properly equipped to give them the immediate care? Well, today Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children -Trauma Center has all the means necessary to save a child,  in the case on an emergency. Top of the line equipment and personnel,  20 well-trained professionals in a crew  to each child, upon arrival, no questions asked, because what matters is to save, and care, and every second counts. Is that what you would want for your child?  Today all this structure has been acquired by significant donations from people like you and me, and on October 21st,  Performance Enthusiasts, came forward to reach out for the ones who can make a difference. Joined by The Orlando Premier Collection, Harley Davidson East OrlandoCessna Pilot Center, Flight Training Professionals and  Orlando Predators, they created this incredible event to raise funds and make it possible for Arnold Palmer Hospital Trauma Center to give even more children the care they need.    

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The Event was organized by  Flight Training Professionals, by the Downtown Orlando Executive Airport, with  every detail planned with care and extreme quality by the Administration of   Yvette Hart-Metzger, owner of Celestial’s Legacy Corp.

John Maher, owner of Windermere Design, created the beautiful website of Performance Enthusiast and he is in charge of the marketing portion for the event. The website remains open to further events and to let people know about the progress on donationsKeith Wynsma, owner of Flight Training Professionals and also one of the main event  organizers, was present and thankful for all the support given to the cause.Catering was provided by Tim Webber The coordinator, they provided an excellent service, great crew, Cork & Olive was responsible for all the wine at the event, Robbi Wilkenman, The Event Artisan who provided all the sound for the event and was also Master of Ceremony, Axium Coffee,was present serving everybody their great coffee, BCI Beverage donated many items to the auction, CESSNA, brought the Jets presented at the Event, and had an entire crew ready to answer any questions.Among the sponsors, the event also counted on POD, Showalter Flight Services, Children Surgical Associates, and Centenial Bank.A Live Auction, Silent Auction and Raffle were offered at the event, Live Auction was performed by Auction Angels LLC. commanded by Susan Crampton and her amazing crew.

Ben Bennett, member of the Arena Football Hall of Fame
- Kenny McEntyre, all time interception leader in the Arena Football
League and current Player Personnel Director.
- Marlon Moye-Moore. First team All First team Line Backer.
- Juan Aguilera. Director of Community Relations.
- Keith Recine. Director of Operations
- Ashley Kassuba. Assistant
- Amanda Stevens. Prowler dancer
- Morgan Currie, Prowler dancer
The event also counted with the presence of Buzz Braman 
Buzz Braman is known in NBA circles as The Shot Dr. He is the first full time
shooting coach in NBA history when he joined the Philadelphia 76ers in
1989 . Buzz was also the shooting coach for the Orlando Magic in 1993-1995
and was instrumental in the Magic's run to the NBA final in 1995. He works
with elite college players and NBA stars, as well as young players, where his
shooting camps are sold out. He recently teamed with long time friend and
former NBA star, Penny Hardaway, to create, an online
basketball training site for young players . The program provides training
and coaching to players all over the world.Buzz is regarded as the premier shooting coach in the world, as well as being
one of the most deadly shooters in the game. A few of his amazing shooting
achievements ....* 246 out of 250 college three pointers , including the first 92 in a row
* 738 free throws in a row
* 1121 out of 1144 free throws in an hour. Using one ball .

The City of Orlando was represented by City Commissioner Lui Damiani-District 3. The sponsors were Windermere Design, Cessna that  was represented by Dave Armstrong, RandySchuelte, Matt Tutton, and  Mike Long. Flight Training Professionals was represented by Keith Wynsma, and Ed Comisky. Zach Kallenbach Vice President at Arnold Palmer MC Foundation, opened the event with a wonderful speech and presented the Merchant Family, that had a personal experience with APMCF, when their son was saved by the Trauma Unit and he wanted to share with all the guests. Life is about choices you can have all the money in the world but that will not help if don’t have the right professionals, and equipment to save a life. The Trauma Unit  needs your pledge, for more information visit this page.

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