First Baptist Orlando – Brazilian Ministry- A bright new day.

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Today, one more day, a new beginning and the certainty to be among good friends. Life is full of surprises and the feeling of being on the right place is priceless. The house of the Father is big enough for all of us, and suddenly we see everything with a better perspective. After the rain the rainbow, and a chance, we are all-embracing together. We are not afraid because we are not alone.

We had an inspiration, and decided to celebrate the children’s Birthday, but instead, we decided to celebrate a new beginning, the hope of a better day, and silence the sadness in our hearts. We thank all the ones present, and all the ones that made this possible. Our thanks to Marta Thompson from Treats come True Catering for the delicious cake and to Daniel Pirolli, store manager at Domino’s Pizza store 3876 West Kissimmee, phone number 407-396-0550 for the pizzas donated. It means the world to all of us. Please check the pictures

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