As the end of the year aproaches…

We follow our path, and learn that follow the light is more important than look back at regrets. We follow our faith that will lead us to fulfillment by the word of God, reaffirming that the path we have is now the one designed by God for us. Continue reading “As the end of the year aproaches…”

Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

You can be in front of path, choose one, and end up in the desert, ironically when you are ready to give up,  realizing  that a clouded vision stopped you from seeing what  mattered the most. We can go through life making mistakes like this, until we learn, it is up to us to look up, and not down. Continue reading “Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

First Baptist Orlando- Brazilian Ministry- When we give Thanks…

And we say Thanks for many reasons, not only for having each other, but also to the strength God has given us day after day, when we were so conflicted. Continue reading “First Baptist Orlando- Brazilian Ministry- When we give Thanks…”

Made in China

The new shirt for the Brazilian soccer team is Made in China

The Uruguayan blog “All about T”, led by @ eletetsc had access to photos of a Chinese shop that would have received the new shirts of national teams sponsored by Nike. Continue reading “Made in China”

Little’s & Middle’s Prom…

Base Camp, American Childhood Cancer Organization,Orlando World Center Marriott, Pi Beta Phi Sorority from UCF, photographers, videographers, and many hairdressers, nail professionals and make up artists volunteered on the production of this event that touched everyone’s heart, Little’s &  Middle’s Prom. Continue reading “Little’s & Middle’s Prom…”

Downtown Orlando news!

All News presented by:

Continue reading “Downtown Orlando news!”



Mayor Dyer Rallies Mayors from NBA Cities to Join the Effort

November 16th, 2011 – The Community Food and Outreach Center and Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer are launching a campaign to help families hurt by the economic crisis that has hit Central Florida and other cities across the nation. The Campaign is the Community Food and Outreach Center’s most aggressive campaign to date to help provide food for hungry families in Central Florida, rally community volunteers and help the thousands of families who are in need due to the NBA Lockout. Continue reading “ORLANDO MAYOR BUDDY DYER AND COMMUNITY FOOD AND OUTREACH CENTER LAUNCH CAMPAIGN TO HELP LOCAL FAMILIES DURING THE NBA LOCKOUT”

HotspotOrlando @ Apascorp- CFBACC choosing a new Board

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Renew, rebuild, and go forward! There is always a bright day ahead and this is all we hope for in the course of our life and many decisions. Today was a happy day. As in the last year I have learned to accept that not all people have the same fabric in their heart,but as a compensation I have got to the Chamber where I found people with the same desire for progress that I have, and that made me feel at home. Continue reading “HotspotOrlando @ Apascorp- CFBACC choosing a new Board”

Banda Bra -Tributo a Roberto Carlos !

Muita gente! animação total! E a Banda BRa continua em sua brilhante trajetória , animando a noite de Domingo dos Brasileiros e muitos mais em Orlando ! Continue reading “Banda Bra -Tributo a Roberto Carlos !”

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