First Baptist Orlando- Kids Ministry- Quest

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Children are important at First Baptist Orlando ! A safe, beautiful place, where the kids learn the basic things in life, and the best of all, they learn in early stages to follow God‘s steps.

Today as parent focusing in an education of values and principles is important, but even more important is to give children the spiritual nourishment they need. Teach them to always trust the word of God as a base for their life, to learn since young years the importance of having Faith. Many children grow up today without light in their lives, and that will cause a major influence in their performance as adults.  Spiritual guidance, the word of God are important to mold a child‘s character . They will grow with a different approach to life, knowing exactly what choices to make, and always based in faith they carry in their heart. Strong, without fear,   and always on the right path.


The site firstorlando will show you the Quest program Kindergarten to 5th Grade, all the activities and the serenity and security the place offer the children. The kids will embark in a journey through learning every day, and will learn how to worship. The Children’s Ministry at First Orlando was created to honor God and prepare the children to be a spiritual champion, with a program that is Bible focused. A safe haven, home away from home.

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