HotspotOrlando @ Apascorp- CFBACC choosing a new Board

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Renew, rebuild, and go forward! There is always a bright day ahead and this is all we hope for in the course of our life and many decisions. Today was a happy day. As in the last year I have learned to accept that not all people have the same fabric in their heart,but as a compensation I have got to the Chamber where I found people with the same desire for progress that I have, and that made me feel at home.

HotspotOrlando grew in the Chamber, with everyone’s help and warm regard, we added every little stone, and made a solid friendship. This feeling of security is priceless, and I hope that if you are reading this and  if you ever come to a happy hour, you will feel the same way. It is important to feel welcome, because your creativity flows and you can show all your potential and reach for your goals faster. At the Chamber we are friends, even better a family, and for that I can guarantee  you a safe stay with us.

Today we voted, and we met one more time to remember that we are human and we have flaws, but we are above all friends, and that is all we offer, a good strong hand, and friendship.We have a new Directory for the year 2012, and the horizon brings news decisions and projects to help the community, and we all hope you will be with us in this wonderful journey !

The meeting was held at APASCORP,  the Chamber President’s  João Marcos Arruda company building. It has been refurbished and looks beautiful. Take a look at the pictures!

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