First Baptist Orlando- Brazilian Ministry- When we give Thanks…

And we say Thanks for many reasons, not only for having each other, but also to the strength God has given us day after day, when we were so conflicted. We prayed for all the ones we miss, the ones no longer with us, but for the grace they gave us when we were together. No matter what, we smile, we hide the tears and we keep going, knowing that we have enough Faith to go on. We are thankful for our greatest memories and we are grateful for our faith, for our families and friends but most of all for finding comfort on each other under the light of God. We hope that your Thanksgiving has been as blessed as ours, and that our paths will cross again, so we can be thankful together.

Thanksgiving Day Celebration was at the Student Center at First BaptistBrazilian Ministry all decorated by Any Alves and food catered by Yummies Desserts.

For now, here are some of our best moments. Have a great weekend!

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