CFBACC-End of the Year Celebration-2011

Last Call ! As the Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce closes their arguments for the year 2011, we are already starting to warm up oue engines for 2012 with a fresh and somewhat different Board of Directors. But today we gathered to celebrate all accomplishments of 2011, a year that was worked by majority and reached  great successes.

Looking Back to the beginning of 2011, the Presidency of Joao Marcos Pires was outstanding, starting with the SOS Rio campaign, the Chamber’s presence at the Hispanic Fair at the Convention Center, also at The III Brazilian Business Fair in August, then following  Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer inviting the Board to a meeting at the City of Orlando, discussing about community issues. At the Hispanic Heritage Month, where many members of our Community received a Mayor’s Commendation along,  Soco Freire was  recognized by the City of Orlando, with one of her paintings added to the permanent art Gallery inside of the City of Orlando.

As you can see , in many ways the Chamber has this year spread our colors allover Florida, showing not only how powerful our Community is but also showing the importance of our presence here, because we matter. The Chamber against what many people say, does work for the Community, it is only up to people to know how to get your business in gear with the Chamber. We can help, the Chamber has the ability to gather  business people every month, and it is up to you to come in and show your product, talk about it, be all you can be. It is worth the try.

Well today was also about recognizing the ones that served the Chamber for many years and now leave the Board to engage on a different Journey. They were presented with a plaque and they will always be remembered for the excellent services rendered to CFBACC. They were Mr.Marco Alevato, Mr.Nilson Dizeu, and  Mr. Piancastelli. Also from the 2011 Board of Directors , the Newspaper Nossa Gente received recognition for their work promoting all the Chamber’s events, Amy Litter for all the outstanding work and participation, promoting the chamber and organizing all the gatherings throughout the year, Rosana Almeida, Richard Silzer, Joao Marcos Arruda, TAM Airlines, Nelson Freitas, Marcio Silva, Alejandro (Perfumeland),Volney Rosa , Wal Rosa, Bernardo Eller, Ronald Ambar, Janaina Brilhante, Sean Slack for Marquis International sponsorship to the event, and Siva’s Market also for sponsorship to the event.

Among all the Guests, Yara and Jo Cavaignac representatives of Globo International, and also new members of the Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce.

Great Night at Nelore Steakhouse, our eternal gratitude to the entire Nelore crew, you all made a difference in service, and kindness to all the guests. Great food ! Top Service!

Let’s check the pictures!

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