First Baptist Orlando-Christmas in the Park-Lake Eola

It is feeling a lot more like Christmas, beautiful cold afternoon in the Park with Lake Eola on the background,and the presence of the Gospel made this event a special worship moment.


Rejoice, in the music of First Baptist Orlando  choir and Orchestra, people moved by their faith, being an instrument to all the people watching. A wonderful testimony that no matter what, even if for that hour alone, God was touching everyone’s heart. First Baptist Orlando has this warmth, that makes you feel in the arms of God, touched, fulfilled, ready to take life, inspired by the serenity that faith gives you. It is never enough.

Today we singed Christmas, the birth of Jesus, our savior, and all that beautiful music, the magnificent voices, and the children, elderly, animal lovers, families and worshipers that were there being touched by a grace an unexplained feeling of joy. It was a gift, that we hope you were able to take with you, and remember this moment when you were touched in the heart, forever.

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