Cantata de Natal- Ministerio Brasileiro – First Baptist Orlando

First Baptist Orlando- Brazilian Ministry, Christmas singing  group. A beautiful ceremony right before the Holidays.


As the end of the year festivities approach, we place in our hearts this Holiday feeling, and nothing better than a beautiful Christmas ceremony to warm up the heart. The birth of Jesus is the true gift, and celebrate this gift is just a way to share our faith, our happiness, and the serenity of praying, giving the gift of Faith. Everyday in our lives we can give our testimony of God‘s hands in our life, proof that he knows us, helps us, and follows us every step of the way. Today we had a Christmas gift from the Brazilian Ministry choir singing to us, and it was beautiful. We close the year with a remarkable growth, we learned a lot , we made new friends, and made amends. We stand still , strong in our Faith. Thanking God everyday for our strength in difficult moments. Let’s pray for a year full of realizations to our church, to us and for a wide-spread of faith in the world. Merry Christmas to all !

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