Perfumeland Christmas Party

End of the year for Perfumeland that celebrated in a great event at LUX Lounge. Pablo, Alejandro and  Tony one more time hosted the party, and distributed prizes at the end, and thanked all the employees that are part of the huge success the Company has.

Perfumeland is one of the largest discounted perfume stores in the world, with over 6,400 sq. ft.(aprox. 750 sq. mts.), they  receive yearly, millions of tourists that visit them exclusively for shopping during their trips to the US.     They cover not only sales of beauty ,hair,  makeup and perfumes, but also electronics, computers, and sports shoes like Nike, PumaReebok among other major brands. Besides the store, they also attend a wide number of people through their calling center and through website sales. Perfumeland has a huge number of employees, that are loyal, appreciate the company, and many have a long history of employment with them. Pablo built an empire based in good relationship with employees, and personalized service to customers, that are also loyal to the Store, going back home and spreading the word.

So today, was the day to look at al this and celebrate, because it is not every day that we find so many Companies that are as fortunate as Perfumeland is. Congratulations for the great service and success! Merry Christmas to all, and that 2012 will bring even more outstanding success to all !

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