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Grammy award winning artist and multi-platinum recording artist Rock band Evanescence is bringing their heartfelt, passionate, unique sound to the House of Blues in Lake Buena Vista, Fl on January 18, 2012.  Evanescence is well known in the Brazilian community and has performed in Brazil recently at the ROCK IN RIO concert in October of this year.  And, it was a tremendous success.  

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Their incredible debut album with Grammy award-winning song “BRING ME TO LIFE”, and other huge hits such as “MY IMMORTAL”, and “GOING UNDER” resonate strong within the hearts of many Brazilians.  Hundreds of thousands of concert goers stranded lead singer AMY LEE with perfect English as they knew every word of their songs at the concert in Rio de Janeiro.
In 2006, Evanescence last album “THE OPEN DOOR” came out to rave reviews and produced more massive hits like “CALL ME WHEN YOUR SOBER”, “LITHIUM”, the “WEIGHT OF THE WORLD”, and many others.  Evanescence took a break, then added a few new members of the band before debuting their newest album this October self entitled EVANESCENCE.  It has already garnered rave reviews, and the band has been on a world wind international tour…After the record launch while they were in Brazil, they visited the West and East Coast of the United States, and hit several European cities as their international audience is huge.  Selling over 25 million records worldwide prior to this new album, Evanescence is destined for a fantastic 2012.

The new album of 12 tracks will surely get concert goers on their feet as the sound has continued to grow and transform.  Catchy, exciting tunes like “THE CHANGE”, “THE OTHER SIDE” and “MADE OF STONE, along with their slam dunk, high energy hit “WHAT YOU WANT”, have energized their faithful fan base and will be sure to bring new fans into the fold.  Longtime Evanescence fans will absolutely love their passionate hits like “LOST IN PARADISE”, and “MY HEART IS BROKEN”.  The romantic edge of Amy Lee’s voice blasting through these songs along with her piano talents, blend so well together with the strong riffs from longtime band mate Terry Balsalmo and  Tim Mccord, as well as Troy Mclawhorn and Will Hunts amazing drums.

In a worldwide exclusive for Brazilian fans worldwide and the Orlando Brazilian community, Sean Slack has gained private access to the band and will be interviewing the lead singer, Amy Lee sometime next week prior to their arrival in Orlando.  We will be posting this interview soon in a new article.  Then, the day of the concert, Sean will be interviewing Amy Lee in person prior to the show, and we will have exclusive pictures and video.  We also intend to cover the show, and will have a full report for you.

Evanescence also plans a huge South American tour next year, which hotspotorlando will have details and information in the coming months.


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