Even for the less informed in the car world, the show has an appeal unlike any other. Many unique, collectibles, that will make you dream of a time that no longer exists. America’s story told by its cars, carved by artisans, masters that dare, and showed all their talent on these cars that today could very well be in a museum as symbol  of a time that will never come back. American cars were always known by its size, rich detail, innovative accessories and lines nobody could imitate . Large family cars, luxury sedans and muscle cars, turned everyone’s heads in the past. Today in a much different economical, environmental society, our cars are reduced to vessels of transportation. The quality we had then, today is a privilege of few, and the wheels turn taking us into smaller and smaller, but not necessarily better.

Despite of what we had in the past, the Church Street Car Show is a way to show younger generations how grand the Industry was, and make sure our kids can see and understand that, everything this days is about honoring the past, because we do not know what the future brings. As far as technology goes, in 10 years we could be flying instead of driving, or even transporting through time and space… But for now as long as we can keep the flame alive, we should visit this show and give this collectors the respect and honor they deserve for keeping these beauties intact, like time has never passed. Check the Pictures !

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