Guitars are the most powerful symbols of  music, not only in the USA but in the world. The revolutionary sound of the guitar started back many centuries ago and traveled its way into modern days, turning electric, and now digital, this amazing vessel has a historical  development registered by this exhibit that visited the Orlando Science Center.

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Here is what Jim Abbott from the Orlando Sentinel wrote:

Bob Dylan strummed one as folk’s most influential troubadour, then turned that universe upside down when he plugged in an electric one at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965.”

“The 5,000-square-foot exhibit includes ancient, odd-looking versions of the guitar, ranging from thePersian Tanbur, the sitar and the pipa, a Chinese instrument that vaguely resembles a lute. There also will be iconic American models by GibsonFender and Rickenbacker, as well as a few instruments on loan from famous guitar-slingers such as Johnny WinterAdrian BelewSteve Rae Vaughn  and Joe Bonamassa.

And the notion of portability will be challenged by the presence of the World’s Largest Guitar, as certified by Guinness World Records, which measures 43.5 feet long and 16 feet wide. Take that on a picnic!

The science behind the instrument will be explored in displays that explain audio decibel levels and the seemingly miraculous design principles behind steel-string acoustic guitars.”

“The addition of steel strings made the instrument louder, but also had the potential for ripping apart existing designs,” Newquist says. “You’re putting 200 pounds of pull on a piece of wood that’s the thickness of a popsicle stick. Any kid could easily snap a guitar apart without the bracing inside. It’s all pressure and glue.”

The Orlando Science Center is a great opportunity to interact with so many aspects of science, learning different subjects and at the same time have fun. The Center has a journey through nature and science, receives kids from the School system every week, and it would be great if tourists would take interest in making a visit also. Orlando has many other interests and positive points , architectural beauty, cultural attractions, it would be interesting to show overseas tourists this side of Orlando.

The Orlando Science Center is located at:

777 E. Princeton St., Orlando

Cost: Included in regular museum admission of $17 adults, $12 for ages 3-11

The Orlando Science Center is closed on Wednesdays.

Call: 407-514-2000


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