Interview with Amy Lee by Phone January 9,2012

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It is no secret the rock band Evanescence has a huge follow up. Interviewing Amy Lee was and is  for us a huge realization, here is what we talked about.
Evanescence, the 2 time Grammy award winning artist who just finished a worldwide tour, including stops all over Europe, the United States, and the Caribbean.  Amy was in the middle of preparing for another frenzy of worldwide stops, beginning in South Florida.  Thanks to the efforts of Chrissy Igoe at 110 Management and Greg Cortez at 42 West, we spent some time together today on the phone.  Here are some excerpts from our conversation.
HOTSPOTORLANDO: “ Congratulations on your new album and the success you are beginning to reap already with the Underworld soundtrack and the two loudwire awards…
First, let me give you a quick background on us…the hotspotorlando and ABOUT US magazine is an online magazine and blog that caters to the Brazilian community, but is for everyone.  It is in English and in Portuguese.  The owners, Al  and Laiz are from Rio de Janiero…And me personally Sean Slack, I work as the director of social media relations.
Well, I happen to be a huge fan of yours and the band.  I also know of your huge following in Brazil, and in South America in general, and we felt excited to have the chance to talk to you today, and then sit down with you briefly when you are here in Orlando on the 18th…
AMY LEE: “ It’s perfect.  I can’t imagine it being any more perfect for the band.  Our Brazilian fans are some of our strongest.”

HOTSPOTORLANDO:  “ Evanescence has an unbelievable worldwide appeal.  As evidence of your last trip to Rio at the Rock in Rio event.  Can you talk about why you think your music resonates so well with audiences overseas, especially in Brasil?
AMY LEE:  “ Um”, laughs…” It’s a really hard question.  It’s really amazing what music can do, especially with certain people we end up speaking to.  I’m not really sure.  I think everytime we go to South America, there is really something passionate about the people…so nice, so kind, but the passion is huge.  Rock music, heavy rock music, is still alive and kicking in Brasil, and that’s a treat for us because it’s not like that all over the world…Even here in America it is not the same.”
“I feel like when we go to Brazil, we have this huge, welcome party, like yeah, this is where you belong.  We love it, we love playing there…It’s something you can’t imagine playing in front of 100,000 people.  They are so passionate, and even romantic about the music.”
“And because my lyrics are some emotional, passionate, there seems to be a great connection there.  We truly have a special relationship with our fans there.”

HOTSPOTORLANDO: “ I have seen clips of your concerts there, and even though many of the concert goers may not speak English, only Portuguese, thousands of the fans chip in and help you sing, especially your classic hits like “Bring Me to Life” and “My Immortal”, How does that make you feel knowing you are having that kind of impact and drawing this kind of enthusiasm?”AMY LEE: “ It’s incredible.  That’s why we are able to go there.  I never would have been in Brazil if we didn’t have a following and people wanted to hear us play music, and we are so grateful.  We are getting to play and see new countries this time around ( With the new album).  I feel really lucky to meet people around the world that know my lyrics…Its SO personal!  I pour my heart into it…and there are people that don’t speak English at all, relating to the music on a deep, personal level…Often times fans in Brazil are crying when they meet us because of this connection.  That is the ultimate goal (for me).  Not the grammys, not the record sales, but this kind of connection…It’s so special.”STAY TUNED FOR MORE OF THIS INTERVIEW, A FULL ARTICLE AND SPREAD COVERING THEIR SHOW COMING ON JANUARY 18, LIVE AT THE HOUSE OF BLUES.  WE WILL ALSO HAVE A VIDEO INTERVIEW IN PERSON WITH AMY THE DAY OF THE SHOW….STAY TUNED….


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