We created HotspotOrlando less than a year ago, as much as I hate to fall in a common place, it has been an incredible combination of events. I have never been a fan, like a major follower of something or someone, I am actually a pretty calm individual when I face celebrities because I just hate the whole craziness that involves being a passionate fan.

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But life, can show you many different aspects of  things and here am I , amazed and crazed at the top of my years, telling you  my experience. Regardless, of what I felt or think, I am sure your level of fan experience must have been much greater than mine but with all my heart, I do not remember feeling like that ever.

When I arrived at soun check for the Evanescence concert at the House of Blues in Orlando, they were playing what you want, and I could not believe the power of of Amy Lee‘s voice. An invasion of her voice in my head was enough. I am not even ashamed to say it, she could very well be my daughter, but at that moment I felt 18 again. We were bliss, like Sean said. Outside before all this I have met this two kids that had flew from Brazil, just for the concert because they had missed her at Rock ‘n Rio and they asked me if I could have Amy Lee sign the Brazilian flag they brought. Let me tell you this, being Brazilian, at that moment had a new meaning and weight, I felt honored, the whole band signed the flag, and my mission was accomplished. At least, part of it.

After the sound check, pictures, and watching Evanescence play, we  had an interview with Amy Lee, and I was supposed to record it, which is the video at YouTube. I couldn’t believe, how beautiful, and down to earth. She has a grace, and yet, a little girl face, with incredible eyes. Amy Lee is  a great lead singer, and her presence in stage is a million times bigger than what everyone could ever imagine. From their first song that I absolutely loved, Bring me to life, I can finally say I am a fan. I hope as all their fan do, that they will always break all the barriers of greatness, and get to touch everybody’s heart like they touched mine. Here are the pictures  we published at our  AboutUS Magazine, I posted them here, so you can see them one more time, and maybe saved them close to you. Enjoy! We did!

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