Talento Brasil 2012- Mirim

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Saturday 3 in the afternoon and since the morning they were all there, rehearsing, training, fighting for every inch of space. Amazing! This is what being Brazilian is all about, we are warriors, we are born with a relentless energy and fire in the heart. The beauty of participating of an event where every aspect of Brazilianity is present. From talent, to voice, dance, presence, and personality. It is unnecessary to point beauty, because that they all had. Take a look ! To complete the party, South Florida gets to know Vicky, from Vickytalkingalot Show, everyone in South Forida opened their hearts and arms to this great talent, host of the Talento Brasil Mirim,  we all had great moments. Orlando had the biggest success, winner Talento Brasil mirim model Maria Eduarda Pereira, and on her 10th Birthday! what a gift! winner as a singer Danielli Pereira, Marjorie Andrade with her great performance in second place.and all our representatives were great ! For now these are our highlights, we are coming back with more !

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